When a building owner calls us about an improvement of their existing facility, we prefer to visit the site and assess the location to provide the most helpful and trustworthy advice. If an existing building is being updated or repurposed, one of the more common services we provide is the restoration of cracked or spalled concrete foundation.

Concrete is a living, breathing, moving organism and no two pieces are alike in look, composition, or density. To stop minor or major water leaks from entering your facility, our team will inject the cracked or fractured concrete walls with the appropriate epoxy, sealer, or acrylic compound pertinent to the specific job at hand, ensuring your building will be clean and safe when our work is finished.


  • Spalled Concrete Slabs
  • Cracks in Concrete Slabs
  • Re-Caulking
  • Re-Sealing Concrete Slabs
  • Bead Blasting

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Proudly Servicing Southern California and Arizona

Sanders & Wohrman is a family-owned company specializing in commercial and industrial painting, caulking, and coatings. We have been in business since 1979 and have been honored to partner alongside various General Contractors, Property Owners, and Management Companies in Southern California and Arizona on a variety of projects.

We are capable of performing jobs of any duration and complexity, and feel that our bid proposals are always competitive with those who offer professional painting, caulking, and coating services. We are confident that you will always be satisfied with our work and professionalism.

Our teams are led by full-time superintendents who visit job sites daily to oversee quality control, logistics, and manpower. All our labor and materials are backed by industry standard warranties. Speak with us today to see how we can best partner with you on your next project.